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Alacabenzi Mushrooms

The Alacabenzi Mushrooms strain is reported by some to deliver more physical and spatial effects with a significant warping of

Amazon Magic Mushrooms

The Spores that began our Amazonian mushroom cultures originated deep in the Amazon rainforest, collected from especially large and healthy

B+ Cubensis mushrooms

This one is considered by many to be the most popular of all the cubensis species. It has an unknown

Blue Foot Mushrooms

Blue Foot mushrooms, botanically classified as Clitocybe nuda, though sometimes is referred to as Lepista nuda, are an edible variety

Blue Meanie Magic Mushrooms

Blue Meanies contains a vast amount of psilocybin, even in comparison with other mushroom strains. One of the things that

Daddy Long Legs Magic Mushrooms

The Daddy Long Leg magic mushroom is a homegrown mushroom strain that originated from the beautiful Fraser Valley in British Columbia, Canada. And as the name suggests it has long stalks similar to spider legs. We have recently started offering this homegrown strain and it is really loved by the consumers. It is a consistently well-reviewed magic mushroom strain that evokes strong visual hallucinations, feelings of joy, love, relaxation, euphoria, unity, and deep buzzing throughout the body. All the more why you should pick it when hanging out with friends.

Golden Emperor Magic Mushrooms

Golden Emperor is our genetic isolation of one of the most famous cubensis strains – Golden Teacher.   GT was

Huautla Magic Mushrooms

The Huautla Magic Mushrooms strain has deep roots in Central American Indigenous history. This strain of Psilocybe Cubensis mushroom has

Koh Samui Super Strain Magic Mushrooms

The Koh Samui strain was first classified by mycologist John Allen, on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand. Allen then

Mazatepec Magic Mushrooms

Mazatepec’ has deep roots in Central American Indigenous history. This strain of Psilocybe Cubensis mushroom has been used in religious

PES Hawaiian Magic Mushrooms

Despite its name the ‘PES Hawaiian’ strain did not actually orginate in Hawaii, as no psilocybe cubensis mushrooms grow naturally

PF Classic Magic Mushrooms

The PF Classic Magic Mushrooms Classic strain is named after the legendary mushroom cultivator Robert “Billy” Mcpherson (AKA Psilocybe Fanacticus).